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These Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) govern the use of the Cloudage Global Services (CGS) Practice Interview App (the “App”) and outline the rules and conditions for redeeming interview points earned through the App. By using the App and participating in interview rounds, you agree to abide by these Terms.

1. Points Redemption:

1.1. The rights to payout the earned interview points remain solely at the discretion of Cloudage Global Services Private Limited (“CGS”) on the conditions met under these terms mentioned.

1.2. There are four levels of interview rounds as defined:

  1. L1 Screening  
  2. L2 Project Evaluation 
  3. L3 Real Time Scenarios Technical 
  4. L4 Operations / HR Discussion

1.3. Every interview level has a set number of points, except for L1, which is zero. The interview point value/number for any given level is subject to change at the sole discretion of CGS as they see fit for the level.
1.4. The payout for the interview points will be done every quarter.
1.5. To be eligible for payout, you must accumulate a minimum of 1000 points.
1.6. The monetary value of the points is variable and subject to change.
1.7. There is a cap on the maximum amount that can be earned, which is INR 50,000/- per month.

Note: Mock Panel App will be community support only. Points Redemption is suspended effective 22 Oct 2023.

2. Flexibility of Redemption:

Points redemption is not restricted to monetary benefits. CloudAge Global Services Private Limited reserves the right to switch the points rewards to any other form of compensation, such as Gift Vouchers, a community event, or other alternatives.

3. Voluntary Community Service:

Taking part in mock panel interviews is a voluntary community service provided by mentors. The mentors do not have the right to independently redeem the rewards associated with this service.

4. Redemption Authority:

The redemption of rewards is solely at the discretion of CloudAge Global Services Private Limited. Only the company has the right to decide whether to redeem the rewards or withhold them. The decision will be made based on the sole description and judgment of CloudAge Global Services Private Limited.

5. Quality Monitoring:

5.1. All calls conducted through the App will be audited for quality monitoring purposes.
5.2. If the CGS Quality Monitoring team identifies any discrepancies in the conduct of interviews, including but not limited to violations of these Terms, they reserve the right to take appropriate action, including suspension of the interviewer’s account.
5.3. Interviewers should ask questions relevant to the level they are assigned. For example, L3 Technical Questions should not be asked in L4, which represents the Operational round. Violation of this rule may lead to account suspension.

5.4. The following criteria will be considered during quality monitoring:

a. Human Rights Compliance: Interviewers must not exhibit rudeness, abuse, or any behavior that violates human rights.
b. Business Tampering: Interviewers must not engage in bribery, tamper with business processes, exchange personal contact information during interviews, ask candidates for positive or for 5 star rating in feedback.
c. Impersonation: Interviewers must not impersonate someone else.

6. Account Termination:

6.1. CGS reserves the right to terminate or suspend any user account at its discretion for violations of these Terms or any other reason deemed necessary to maintain the integrity and quality of the App.

7. Changes to Terms:

7.1. CGS may update or modify these Terms at any time without prior notice. It is your responsibility to review these Terms periodically to stay informed about any changes.

8. Governing Law:

8.1. These Terms and any disputes arising from or relating to them shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Pune India.

9. Contact Information:

9.1. For any questions or concerns regarding these Terms or the use of the CGS Practice Interview App, 

Please call or WhatsApp us on 97640 63368 or Email on info@cloudage.co.in

By using the CGS Practice Interview App and participating in interview rounds, you  acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to these Terms and Conditions. 

Failure to comply with these Terms may result in the suspension or termination of your account and forfeiture of interview points.