CloudAge Global


It is advisable to schedule a mock interview during office hours (10 am – 6 pm) , one day prior .

Please confirm that you are uploading a PDF file.

To reschedule the mock exam, simply click on the reschedule button and choose a new time. However, it is important to inform your interviewer about the updated schedule.

On the dashboard, click on the microphone icon to access your latest practice interview recordings, which are sorted by levels.

In order to apply, it is required to successfully clear all of the mock exams.

Once the call is concluded, you can access the feedback option which allows you to escalate the interview if necessary.

To become a Level 1 mentor, it is necessary to have cleared at least the L2/L3 round and possess strong communication skills, as well as knowledge of Human Resources.

In order to become a mentor for Level 4, it is required to have cleared the L4 round and possess excellent communication and technical skills.

The project file and resume must be uploaded in the .pdf format.

The App provides a chat option through which one can connect with the interviewer.